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About OLM

Welcome to the Catholic Community of Malibu. Our Catholic faith, our Community and our Christian Stewardship are guiding forces at Our Lady of Malibu. Through the generosity of our parishioners' and school families' time, talents, and support, Our Lady of Malibu Church and School offer opportunities to work to the benefit of helping our brothers and sisters wherever we find them. We invite you to gather with us in reflection or celebration, grow and enrich your faith, and follow in discipleship to know the Lord through Jesus Christ.
OLM Mission

OLM has a long history in Malibu, first celebrating Mass in the old Malibu courthouse in the 1940's and continuing there for many years. The church was completed in 1950, Sheridan Hall and the Rectory in 1953, and the school in 1953. We have been blessed with many generations of families that attended our church and parish school.

Mary, Our Lady of Malibu named for our patron saint, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel We cherish our church of simple, sturdy architecture without stained glass and sans stone statuary. We use our resources and our parishioners' generous donations instead for our ministries, where many of our parishioners participate or volunteer towards helping others.

We are blessed with wonderful individuals and families in our parish, some who are new while others have been with us for decades. In "Why We Love OLM", discover why you may find a spiritual home in Our Lady of Malibu, too. At Our Lady of Malibu you will find many opportunities to share your time and talents, or simply attend Mass. Our church has been here for generations, and we look forward to serving our community for generations to come.

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