Procedures for Pastoral Response and Mandated Reporting of
Any Allegation of Abuse or Neglect of a Minor


800-540-4000 - Los Angeles County Child Protection
310-456-6652 - Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff
800-754-7600 - Ventura County Child Protection
800-367-0166 - Santa Barbara County Child Protection
800-272-6699 - TDD Hearing Impaired Child Protection


213-637-7650 - Archdiocesan Victim Assistance Ministry

How to call in a verbal report:

- Ask the name/phone number of the Hotline staff
- Ask the 19-digit referral number of the verbal report from the Hotline staff
- Ask the mailing address to file a hard copy report, if not completing the verbal report online.


Pope Francis

(in an address to the Bishops assembled in Philadelphia)

"I commit myself to the zealous watchfulness of the Church to protect minors, and I promise that all those responsible will be held accountable."

Under federal and state law, mandated reporting is required when the victim is currently a minor and/or if there is reason to suspect that the alleged abuser has access to minors.

If the victim is not currently a minor but has experienced sexual abuse by clergy, employee or volunteer, get all the Basic Facts (see below) and call the Archdiocesan Victim Assistance Ministry to make a non-mandated report and to arrange for outreach for the victim.

~~~~~ First and foremost LISTEN compassionately, validate the courage of the person making the report, and express regret for any pain the reporting person may be feeling. ~~~~~

Basic Facts: Name(s) / address(es) / phone number(s)
- Victim
- Alleged Perpetrator
- Person Making the Report
- Witness(es) (if available)
Compile the Basic Facts on what is readily available.
Do not investigate the incident.

CONSIDER: Ask the person(s) making the allegation to join you when you call the report. If the reporting person is an adult, encourage him/her to also report the allegation directly.

DOCUMENT: Within 36 hours of receiving information about alleged child abuse, you must complete the Suspected Child Abuse Form (SS8572) or visit Form SS8572 for a hard copy to file a written report.

If the Hotline staff decline to take the verbal report, ask for his/her name and ID/badge number. Write this information on the hard copy, with a note "declined to take verbal report", date and time of call. Ask for a supervisor if you feel the verbal report should not be declined.

Keep a copy of the report for your records, and please email a copy/scan to Victims Assistance Ministry - S.D. Healy.

OUTREACH: Call the Archdiocesan Victim Assistance Ministry at 213-637-7650 for information on counseling and other resources for the victim(s) and/or family, and the reporting person(s).

Offer reassurance, hope, and continued support.