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Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary
The Legion of Mary is a world-wide organization of Catholics, men and women, who offer their services to their pastor to aid him in performing spiritual works in the parish. This is done by placing themselves under the banner of Mary so that with her help they may develop greater holiness in their own lives, as well as spread a deeper devotion to her among others.
Origin and Growth
September 7, 1921 - The first meeting was held in Dublin, Ireland, on this date and from this beginning has spread through every country in the world.
November 27, 1931 - The first Praesidium (parish unit) was formed in the United States, at Raton, New Mexico. It was composed entirely of men.

1. The personal sanctification of its members, who, taking Mary as their model, endeavor to imitate her virtues, especially her Faith, Charity, and Humility.
2. The spread of devotion to Mary, primarily by encouraging the recitation of the Rosary (Mary's request at Fatima).
3. The performance of apostolic work under the direction of the Spiritual Director of the parish unit of the Legion.

Types of Membership
Active members and Auxiliary (praying) members.

Requirements For Active Membership
Active membership is open to all Catholic men and women, those over 18 years of age in Senior Praesidia, and those under 18 in Junior Praesidia.

The only obligation being a willingness to fulfill each and every duty which membership in the Legion involves.

Duties of Active Members
1. Attendance at a weekly meeting of the Praesidium.
2. Daily recitation of the Catena (Legion Prayer).
3. The performance of a substantial assigned apostolic work weekly.
4. An obligation not to discuss with others matters learned at the meeting or in connection with the work.

Reasons For Becoming An Active member
1. To satisfy the individual's obligation incurred through the Sacrament of Confirmation, to fulfill his duty as a soldier of Christ.
2. To follow the direction of Saint Pius X who said, "What is most necessary at this time is to have in each parish a group of laymen at the same time, virtuous, enlightened, determined, and really apostolic."

Advantages of Being an Active Member
1. The assurance that one is putting forth his best effort in developing his own spiritual life.
2. The knowledge that one is furthering the cause of Christ and His Blessed Mother.
3. The feeling that one is making a worthwhile investment of his time on earth by "laying up treasures in heaven where neither rust nor moths consume nor thieves break in to steal."

Examples of Apostolic Work Undertaken
  • Visiting the sick in hospitals, infirmaries, and their own homes.
  • Inviting interested non-Catholics to information classes.
  • Giving instructions to prospective converts and also to Catholic children in public schools.
  • Distributing Catholic literature.
  • Visiting families to see if children have been baptized.
  • Encouraging fallen-away Catholics to return to the practice of their faith.
  • Visiting Catholic families to promote membership in the Apostleship of Prayer and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the home.
  • Spreading devotion to the family Rosary.
  • Helping converts in the practice of their faith.

Mary is waiting here for those who will not say as those in the Gospel story, "I have married a wife and I cannot come; I have bought a farm and I must go to see it." No! She is waiting for those who will say: "I have no talent, but I will give what I have and I know you will mold it to a fit instrument for your use." For those who will say: "I have many things that I spend my time on, but I realize your work is more important and I ask you to help me find the time for it." For those who will say, "Mary, at Fatima you asked for sacrifice. For some in the world this means the sacrifice of life and home and loved ones, perhaps this is the sacrifice you ask of me - a few hours of my time. Gratefully I will offer this so that I too can say with Mary's Legion: 'I am all thine, my Queen, my Mother, and all that I have is thine'."
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