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Our next trip:

January 9, 2016
Donate what you're able or at Mass

Please donate no later than January 2, 2016.

We need your help with canned food, toiletries, baby items, etc. (See list under GIVE WHAT YOU'RE ABLE.)

Clean water is very hard to come by in La Morita. With your donations, we hope to be able to buy 400 gallon jugs of water from Albertsons at cost -- 65¢/gallon for a total of $260.00. Can you lend a hand with buying a water jug or two or donating for clean water?

For previous trips, many kindly gave at the last minute. While grateful, last-minute giving caused a time crunch for our volunteers, who work hard to distribute your donations among our Mexico Mission bags for each family in need before leaving for Tijuana. Please help us avoid the time crunch, and give at least a week before our trip.

Give what you're able by January 2nd. Thank you and God bless.


Our Mexico Mission group returned to La Morita on September 26. A most heartfelt thanks to all who donated! We hope to visit again, with your help, in January.

APRIL 2015

Our Mexico Mission group returned to La Morita on April 18. Thanks to all who donated! Our Mexico Mission group writes ...

Dear Parishioners,
The OLM Mexico Mission group had a very rewarding trip to our sister church in La Morita, San Eugenia Mission of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Tijuana this past Saturday, April 18th, 2015. We had 11 vehicles, loaded with individual bags of food, water, blankets and personal hygiene items, for the families that live in the poorest of housing conditions, most with dirt floors and no electricity or running water. Thanks to continued donations from generous people like you, we were able to feed 400 very grateful families!

In addition, we brought down requested supplies for Fr. Jesse, who recently visited our Parish. He asked for our help in supporting his Youth Ministry Outreach Program to help prevent young teens getting involved with Gangs and Drugs. We provided him with air mattresses and new bedding, food and toiletries for his upcoming Youth retreat.

We were also able to provide special need items specifically requested by the Sisters, to help them with the Clinic and Hospice efforts. Adult diapers were top on their list!

We brought with us approximately 80 small chairs for their school, thanks to the generosity of our Parish School. Together, we are making a difference!

Many, many thanks to our School Children and all our Volunteers who helped us on the Friday before. Sheridan Hall was transformed into a market place! Tables were stacked with goods, and people were busy breaking down the bulk items, like rice and beans, into individual family sized packages. It is worth all the hard work and effort just to see the expressions of gratitude on the faces of our less fortunate brothers and sisters south of the border.

There are so many of you who continue to support this effort. With your help we will return to La Morita.

From the OLM Mexico Mission Group to the OLM Parishioners, the Teachers, parents and children of our School, we thank you for your continued support.

With Grateful Hearts,
The OLM Mexico Mission


The trucks left Malibu January 3, 2015, filled with all the items we listed as so important for the families in La Morita, Tijuana. We were able to do this because of the generosity of the families of Our Lady of Malibu. We put this burden on you every three months and you never say no! We want you to know that your gifts are appreciated in more ways than we can count. Thank you.

Children in a very poor community of Tijuana, by Maureen Kronman Children in a very poor community of Tijuana, photo by Maureen Kronman

Mexico Mission is dedicated to lending a hand to the desperately needy South of the border. We help those who have far less than our own poor here in Los Angeles. Through the generous donations of our parishioners and parish school families, we feed and care for as many as we're able.

For our first couple of trips in 2014, we visited the needy living in a dump in Tijuana. The Mexican goverment periodically clears out its dumps, forcing those who live there to leave. After meeting with Fr. Nicholas Harding (Fr. Nick), who is responsible for the spiritual needs of the 250,000 people living in La Morita, the poorest community of Tijuana, we agreed to lend our help to supporting Fr. Nick's mission.

To learn more, visit
La Morita, page 1,
La Morita, page 2.


We gather food and clothes for the desperate in Mexico. Come join us. Fill a Mexico Mission paper bag or two these coming months or donate what you're able. Cash donations help us buy much needed items that are rarely donated. God bless!
Boxed non-refrigerated milk, cereal, pop-top lid canned food, flour, peanut butter, honey, toiletries, school supplies, diapers (infant & adult), baby formula, hospice needs (plastic mattress covers, 24-pc puzzles), tarps, rope.

Max & Rosemary Lowry
or call 818.519.7666