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OLM works to celebrate human life in its many aspects, from supporting the needs of unwed mothers and their infants to respecting the dignity of all human life. From time to time, when you are able, please lend a hand with our programs to help those in need.

This year OLM will participate in OneLifeLA on 1.17.15 -- an event embracing the beauty and dignity of all human life. Starting at 10 AM at the Kiosko at La Placita Olvera and ending at Grand Park with a picnic, entertainment, speakers, exhibits and more!
For more info and FREE registration, visit OneLife LA OneLife LA

To value every person ...

Our Lady of Malibu (aka Our Lady of Mt. Carmel "All human beings ought to value every person for his or her uniqueness as a creature of God, called to be a brother or sister of Christ by reason of the incarnation and the universal redemption. For us, the sacredness of human life is based on these premises. And it is on these same premises that there is based our celebration of life - all human life. This explains our efforts to defend human life against every influence or action that threatens or weakens it, as well as our endeavors to make every life more human in all its aspects.

And so, we will stand up every time that human life is threatened.

Pope John Paul II, October 7, 1979
Homily on the Capitol Mall, Washington, DC

To learn more, visit Archdiocese of Los Angeles - Pro-Life.

Erin Dillon
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