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OLM Memories | Sr. M. Cora

Until the 1960's, Our Lady of Malibu Parish School (grades K-8) was privileged to be taught by the nuns from the Sisters of St. Louis. In 1960 most of the nuns left the parish school in order to establish an all-girls Catholic high school, Louisville, in nearby Woodland Hills, CA. Louisville High School celebrated its 50th year anniversary in 2010. These are the memories of some of our beloved sisters who offered remembrances of days gone by at our parish school.

When I think back to 1960, the year I went to Malibu, many faces pass before my eyes. We then lived in the Jones' home on PCH. The Jones were in England for a year. Many Sisters came to the Jones' [house] that year to enjoy the beach. How good ot he Jones family to let us have their home! While there I remember the frequent calls of the Smiths and the Bergers. They brought dinner to us regularly. Such a gift! Msgr. Falvey (RIP) kept us from getting too excited or worried about the [parish] school. I needed that balance as I expected a lot from the students who had to contend with surfing, ocean, horse-back riding and more. Fr. O'Callaghan was the next pastor. His own motto, "If we are going to go, we go first class" characterizes his approach to all he did. He often greeted the early morning hourson the Canyon taking care of the victims of accidents, of which there were many. His homilies on Sunday kept us awake. Brendad Nagle (Associate Pastor) balanced Fr. O'Callaghan's point of view the following Sunday. This spurred us to discuss and do some thinking. The vitality of the exchange was very energizing. They were good years.

I remember the students and parents being very cooperative and tolerant. Each deserves to be mentioned individually but I know I am not equal to that. The music for the liturgies was the responsibility of the students. With the help of Holly (student) at the piano and the wonderful response of the students and parents, we succeeded (in our own way). Sr. Maura Byron and Louisville students helped us at special times. Classes were combined then. I had seventh and eighth (as well as being Principal). ...

In comparison with the stress of today those years (early 1960's) were more serene, more peaceful, more composed. The change began in the late 1960's andit seems to have picked up momentum since then. In 1973 I became involved in Parish Ministry to adults. Now I can enjoy the students in the school when I meet them. Education, discipline, report cards, sports, are no longer my responsibility. God's blessing on those who continue to educate our youth -- the hope of the world.

(The names of the people were changed before given to Our Lady of Malibu website.)