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OLM Memories | Sr. Anne Marie Toolan

Until the 1960's, Our Lady of Malibu Parish School (grades K-8) was privileged to be taught by the nuns from the Sisters of St. Louis. In 1960 most of the nuns left the parish school in order to establish an all-girls Catholic high school, Louisville, in nearby Woodland Hills, CA. Louisville High School celebrated its 50th year anniversary in 2010. These are the memories of some of our beloved sisters who offered remembrances of days gone by at our parish school.

I spent three unforgettable years in Our Lady of Malibu School and Parish from 1976 to 1979. I taught first grade.

This was one of my short-term assignments but it does not take long to feel the warmth of the people at the OLM community. Their generosity, love, and unfailing interest in all parish and school undertakings has left a lasting impression on me.

There were special fun times during those years. In preparing school programs, the parents, students and teachers enjoyed a wonderful spirit of unity and family. Of course, [then] Pastor Monsignor John Sheridan was a special leader and shephered. In his eyes, we were all "saints". His love for the children was very evident: he could not refuse them a request!

One event stands out for me. John, a first grader, named after Monsignor Sheridan, requested to serve the 8 AM Mass for Monsignor. Monsignor replied, "Of course, you saint!" Little John followed him into the sacristy and chose his cassock and surplice. There were no cassocks made to fit first-graders, so he had to wear a long oversize cassock and navigate around the sanctuary with great difficulty. All went well until John presented himself for Holy Communion and received it from Monsignor!

There were some among the congregation who expressed surprise and disapproval because John had not yet made First Confession or First Communion. When the "problem" was presented to Monsignor, he smiled and simply said, "Jesus would never say 'No' to little John".

(The names of the people were changed before given to Our Lady of Malibu website.)