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Yard Sale

Every year OLM holds it annual Yard Sale, a perennial favorite throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area because of the high quality of the merchandise and the low, low prices.

Sale Date: Saturday & Sunday
(check the home page slideshow for updates)

Donations accepted Monday-Friday 9 AM - 12 PM up to 2 months before our yard sale.
Drop by the Parish Office to visit our storage facility. All donated items should be in clean, good, saleable condition. Tax donation receipts are available at time of drop-off. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
Through the work of our many volunteers, OLM is able to raise tens of thousands to help fund our Outreach. God bless all for helping with donations of time and goods. OLM Yard Sale provides a tax deductible statement for your tax return. We can always use help with receiving, cataloging, organizing, arranging, and selling the plethora of donated goods.

Sandy Hollins
or call 310.456.3060